What is Colleen’s World

Colleen Lachowicz’s self-created identity, Santiaga is a Level 85 Orc Assassination Rogue in the World of Warcraft

Colleen Lachowicz, AKA Santiaga, is a gamer in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft (WoW), which takes place in the make-believe land Azeroth. Today, Colleen/Santiaga is an orc assassination rogue playing at level 85–the highest level one can attain.  She and the members of her “Wreck List Guild”—Colleen/Santiaga’s WoW online alliance—post comments to each other on liberal online forums including the Daily Kos, where they discuss politics, military policies, and WoW battle tactics.

Studies have found the average WoW gamer is 28, and spends 22.7 hours a week playing in Azeroth.

Link to Colleen Lachowicz/Santiaga’s World of Warcraft profile.

Comments made by Colleen Lachowicz shown on this website come from her username “cmairead” on the DailyKos.com.

To read all 410 comments by Colleen Lachowicz at the DailyKos.com please click here.

Further reading: “Daily Kos World of Warcraft Guild Update: Santiaga for ME State Senate!”.  Colleen Lachowicz (DailyKos username: cmairead) and her husband Ed (DailyKos username: Eddie in ME) both comment on how they will make their fellow Wreck Less Guild  members proud in Colleen’s Maine State Senate race.